Write Me Down, I Won't Remember


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Status 01:15
A year plus passed and I'm still around After graduating and moving back to town-- is this all I am? Is this who I am? So are you satisfied with what you've got done 'cause I don't know what that means Do you know what's next? Is it school or regrets? 'Cause I don't what that means
Quo 02:40
Are you satisfied? With what you've got done-- I don't know what that means Do you know what's next? Is it school or regrets? I don't know what that means 'Cause I'm not happy today, with all the snow meltin' away And I don't like the status quo- it's movin' slow I'm not ready to give up my light, tonight So, are you satisfied? With the stories they tell-- things are not what they seem Listen closely you'll see, they're not just after me, Things are not like they seem 'Cause I'm not happy today, I think we're better off this way And I don't trust the things you do, or a single word you say I just wanna run away (Cause I'm happy today) (I'm happy today) (I'm happy today) (I'm happy today) Are you satisfied? (Are you happy today?) Are you satisfied? (Why don't you run away?) Are you satisfied? (I'm not happy today) Are you satisfied?
Aphantastic 03:52
You try to flaunt your seniority But I don't respect your authority 'Cause smoking mids at 20 a G isn't A replacement For a personality And even though I hardly remember The last few months, August and September, I'll just try harder 'Cause I don't get As or Bs or Cs So I know that this town's disappointed in me And I'm not alone in this it seems But at least I'm dreamin'... My education's slipped me by 'Cause nothing sticks within my mind Not the color of your eyes And not my family, all the time 'Cause I don't get As or Bs or Cs But I know that it's not all about degrees And I'm not alone in this it seems But at least I'm dreamin'... There's humility... if you'll humor me And the weather's getting colder if you're asking me And I'm not alone in this, it seems... I met a friend I found online, She sends me letters from time to time The shape of you etching off of my mind, as the triangles fill my room I'm fine
Paper 03:29
The paper in my mouth is telling me that I'm inadequate The chronic lonely acting prince of getting there and back again I wanna make you laugh again, and this time not by accident I left part of myself back on your pull-out couch This wine inside a box is telling me to do a shot again Pack the bowl and take a hit and cough and take a hit again Torn out scenes and memories and casting you as better in my head Cause I don't wanna be your stepping stone, another drop away from home The shitty things we did together feel much worse now I'm alone A desolate hike, cracks in my phone (and the snow is melting, quietly, while I'm still here and I'm lonely) (yeah the snow is melting quietly) Out here the weather's always cold The shitty things we did together feel much worse now I'm alone Scrolling through my phone, the pictures show Versions of you I'll never know Everything we did together fees like fire burning coal Cause I don't wanna be your stepping stone Another drop away from home The shitty things we did together feel much worse now I'm alone Snowfall trip back to you I don't know where to go or what I'm supposed to do Snowfall trip thinking of you I've raised my tolerance for shitty things and now I'd do it all again...
Road Trips 03:25
So I lay awake and I dream about you Baby if you're nothing, well I'm nothing too I want you to tell me, is this all there is? Cause it's a long, long way home


"Write Me Down, I Won't Remember" is a 5 track EP of alternative music, with emo and electronic elements, seasoned with the appropriate amount of wind ensemble instruments.

This EP represents the past few years of songwriting for me, and feels "big" to my brain in a way that's difficult to put into words. These tracks are located squarely outside of my comfort zone, and some of them feel deeply personal to me, in a way that only feels significant to me because I don't write songs with lyrics historically. Many of these tracks are a few years old, and represent feelings I felt, and others represent feelings I still feel.

It means a lot to me to share these finished tracks with you, something that would not have been possible without the support of a lot of people in my life. Ari and the extremely talented folks over at BruNjo are the biggest reason you can listen to these tracks today-- they took unrefined demos and helped me create something I'm extremely proud of.

Those demos would still be unfinished projects on my hard drive if not for the consulting session I had with Jeremy from Red Means Recording, who interpreted my vague ramblings and gave actionable helpful advice back, which was a large part of me feeling like these tracks ever deserved to see the light of day.

The extremely excellent album art was created by Johnny Capece, who absolutely hit it out of the park, he insisted I take a day to decide if I wanted any changes, and I told him he was being an idiot because it's absolutely perfect.


released February 3, 2021

BruNjo production team:
Producer - Ari Eschtruth
Mix Engineer - Amelia Eisenhauer
Mastering Engineer - Tanir Morrison

Album Art: Johnny Capece

Eric Halin - vocals, guitars, synths, programming, songwriting, production
Ari Eschtruth - additional guitars, synths, programming

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HAETH Boston, Massachusetts

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